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Dobrotvorski Evgeni

Dobrotvorski Evgeni Main Coach and Gym founder Head Coach of national team Personal training: 1st merited Coach in Belarus get this national award in 1994. Education: In 1982 past national sport colledge. In 1986 past Belarus state institute of physical culture and sport. From 1988 until 1989 worked at the Belarusian state institute of physical culture & sport as the professor of cathedra of boxing and fencing. When was kickboxing section organized many of his students boxers was involved in this rather exotic sport. Among them were: Mikhail Stepanov (Head Coach of national team), highest category trainers: Yury Varaksa and Alexander Kovtik. In 1989 at All-Union conference of federation of a kickboxing it was elected as a chairman of USSR board of judges. In 1992 he created the Belarusian kickboxing federation. In 1992 the Belarusian sports club «Kick Fighter» was officially registered. In 1995 after successful participation of the Belarusian national team in 1st Amateur World Muay Thai Championships in Bangkok federation was transformed to the Belarusian kickboxing & Muay Thai Federation. Evgeni Dobrotvorski was  1st president of federation from 1992 to 2003. During this time the National team several times won the World and European kickboxing and Muay Thai championships in an all-team competition (60% of medals was won by athletes of «Kick Fighter» Gym). From 2003 he work as European director of the largest international professional federation WKN and attached to it more than 15 countries. From 2000 to 2006 the head coach of a national team. Coach of 24 World Muay Thai & kickboxing champions + 22 World Junior Champions. Most famous: Andrei Kulebin Dmitry Shakuta Darya Masharo Veronika Dombrouskaya Vasily Shish Alexey Pekarchik Andrei Kotsur Dmitry Valent Tatyana Anzhenko His pupil Andrey Kulebin is named the best Muay Thai fighter of the world in 2009 (The decision of the international independent promotion association, «Golden Belt Award» award) In 2010 his student Ekaterina Vandaryeva won a special prize as the best sportswoman of the World Muay Thai Championships in Bangkok. In 2012 his student Andrei Kulebin won a special prize as the best athlete of the World Muay Thai Championships in Sankt Petersburg. In 2013 his student Andrei Kulebin was only 1 Belarus fighter who get Gold medal on World martial Arts Games & in 2014 he became again the Best fighter in World championships.

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